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Starting a new school, in a new place, and making new friends, was going to be an adventure. Just how much of an adventure, Jesse really wasn't prepared for! What he also wasn't prepared for, was making a new best friend - with a girl! Having the same adventurous spirit, these teens seem to find themselves stumbling upon one adventure after another. Whether it's investigating into a local mystery, or facing a killer wolf in the midst of a freezing blizzard; they learn that life's journey is meant to mold them into the person that God wants them to become. As they charter life's adventures through middle and high school, will the friendship they share turn into something more? Or will their lives be torn apart by tragedy? Filled with action and adventure, school life drama, and teen romance; this fast moving series will take you on a ride you'll never forget!

Book #1 - The Fuller Creek Series: The Mystery of Fuller Creek Mine

The Mystery of Fuller Creek Mine

Upon moving to the small town of Fuller Creek, Jesse feels the life he once knew is over. However, from the moment he meets a spunky girl named Katie, he soon realizes that life's adventures have just begun. In the midst of a school assignment, Jess & Katie stumble upon a mystery which has been unsolved for over fifty years! With vicious rumors threatening to end their friendship, will they persevere and solve the mystery of Fuller Creek Mine?

Grand Canyon Adventure: Miracle at Skelton Cove

As their seventh-grade year continues, Jess & Katie welcome the many events forthcoming in their lives. As these events bring challenges into their friendship, so do the challenges that await them on their vacation at the Grand Canyon. A mysterious girl, the roaring rapids, and the discovery of a hidden cave, will bring about much more than they bargained for!

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Book #2 - The Fuller Creek Series: Holiday Blizzard: The Moment of Truth! & The Search for Rosemary Pullman.

Holiday Blizzard!

In the beginning of their eighth-grade year, Jess & Katie find that juggling youthful crushes with their friendship, is easier said than done. In the midst of this turmoil, a holiday vacation seems to be just what they need to get their friendship back on track. However, as bad weather approaches, will they be caught in the midst of a life-threatening blizzard? Or will they escape only to find their moment of truth is yet to come!

The Search for Rosemary Pullman

Now that schools out, Jess & Katie are ready for more fun and adventures! However, an unexpected invitation to breakfast has them investigating a lot more than just Mrs. McAllister's blueberry pancakes. As they search to find a missing person, suddenly the investigation takes an unexpected turn in a court of law. Will they be able to prove their case before the judge? Or have they once again gotten themselves in over their heads!

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Book #3 - The Fuller Creek Series: The Case of the Missing Mascot & The Haunted House: Quest for the Hidden Treasure

The Case of the Missing Mascot

Entering their first year in high school, Jess & Katie will encounter the many challenges that you might expect. However, what they didn't expect, was some unexpected flirting-with each other! In the midst of another investigation, will this innocent flirting distract them from their investigation? Or will they set those feelings aside to solve the case of the missing mascot?

The Haunted House: Quest for the Hidden Treasure!

Jess & Katie are looking forward to a fun-filled summer when an unexpected visitor leads them on an investigation of a haunted house. As they search for clues both past and present, will their investigation lead them to solving the mystery? Or will they find that their quest has just begun?

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Book #4 - The Fuller Creek Series: Hike to the Hilltop: The Secret of the Golden Tomb

Hike to the Hilltop

As their sophomore year continues, Jesse realizes his feelings for Katie have deepened. As they struggle over their feelings for one another, will a hike to a snow-covered hilltop lead them on the path to romance? Or will it be the end of their friendship?

The Secret of the Golden Tomb

During a class assignment, Jess and Katie stumble upon a mystery of a sacred golden tomb. As they begin to put the pieces together, they soon realize there's more to this mystery than meets the eye.

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Book #5 - The Fuller Creek Series: The Deadly Dare: From Triumph..., to Tragedy...

As Jess & Katie's relationship continues to grow, so do the challenges that lie ahead. A deadly dare by a player from a rival school, leads them on their most dangerous adventure to date. With their backs up against the wall, will they succumb to the deadly fate of those who have gone before them? Or will they escape only to find that another tragedy awaits them?

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Book #6 - The Fuller Creek Series: Secrets of the Stolen Painting: The Race of My Life

As Jess & Katie enter their senior year, the road ahead seems to be worlds apart. But when fate places them together investigating another case, old feelings begin to stir. Suddenly, tragedy strikes their lives, where Jesse finds himself in the race of his life. With his life hanging in the balance, will the power of love conquer any obstacle? Or will the story of their lives end in tragedy?

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The Plush Bear

David, Tiffany, and the rest of the Reynolds household had one thing in common... to find that special someone to call their Valentine! Linda, a lonely young adult with trust issues, inadvertently meets David, a young man who piques her interest. As they begin to get serious, those trust issues come into play. Meanwhile, David's sister Tiffany, has her own dilemma with the high school heartthrob, Kevin Blakely. To add to the household chaos, David's parents are not seeing eye to eye on the coming holiday, and his little brother, is feeling neglected. On top of all this... is the plush bear. Being directed by "The Peddler" this little bear has a way of popping up at opportune moments. Will the plush bear help to secure these romances? Or will it turn their lives into utter chaos! Find out how the plush bear comes into play!

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April Showers

April was blessed with a happy and delightful character. Kyle was blessed with looks and high school popularity. When fate places them together on the homecoming dance committee, a friendship soon forms under the mantel of their Christian faith. Will a romance bloom? Or will Kyle's loyalty to his girlfriend get in the way of a romance blossoming between them?

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The Christmas I'll Never Forget

Young Luke desperately wants a horse to call his very own. But as his brother's health steadily grows worse with an unknown illness, what their lives really need is a miracle. Having to do all the chores around the ranch, Luke feels that life is being unfair. To add to this, he is being asked to work for a local stable to provide the income needed to enjoy the Christmas holiday. As he works by the sweat of his brow, he soon forms a close bond with one of the horses. Will Luke finally receive the gift he so desperately wants, or will this be his brother's last Christmas? As all these things culminate on Christmas day, Luke will learn a valuable lesson of God's ultimate plan for their lives.

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